Château de Mérande - Domaine Genoux

Château de Mérande - Domaine Genoux


Château de Mérande is located in the village of Arbin in the Savoie, whose history stretches back to 1248.

This historic estate is managed today by André and Daniel - the fifth generation of the Genoux family.

This is a family that deeply cares about the land around them. Unusually for Savoie, the vines have never been treated with synthetic chemicals, and naturally they work with an organic and biodynamic approach.

Not only this, André and Daniel Genoux  work hard to maintain their ancient stone walls, their hedges and their general vineyard maintenance, which makes them a step above.



  • Philosophy
    • Château de Mérande claim that “A great wine can only be natural.” And that is exactly what they do.
    • They have been organic since the beginning.
    • Certified biodynamic.
    • Indigenous yeasts are used in the cellar with low sulphur levels.
  • The vineyards:
    • 12 hectares across many plots including seven hectares of very old Mondeuse, two hectares of Roussanne (locally called Bergeron) and 1.5 hectares of Altesse.
    • Ploughing is done by horse
    • Hand harvested fruit.
Filters List
  • Price range
  • Wine Type Red White
  • Style Complex Floral Fresh and fruity Funky
  • Country France
  • Region Savoie
  • Winemaker Château de Mérande
  • Philosophy Biodynamic Low Intervention Natural No sulphites added
  • Specials Rarity
  • Soil Type Clay Limestone
  • Grape Variety Mondeuse Roussanne
  • Vintage 2019 2020
  • Sweetness
  • Alcohol 12% 13%
  • Serving Temperature 10-12°C 14-16°C
  • Bottle size 0.75 l
  • Allergens Contains Sulphites
  • Organic certificate Bio EU Biodyvin

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