In 1997, Jean-Baptiste Duquesne, now the owner of Château Cazebonne, realises that grape varieties extend beyond those recognized by appellations in 1936. In fact Bordeaux had lost many of its historical grape varieties, which numbered 48 in the 19th century.

To revive these forgotten flavors, in 2016 Jean-Baptiste started planting varieties like Bequignol, Petit Péjac, and Jurançon Noir.

Jean-Baptiste's efforts not only preserve Bordeaux's ampelographic heritage but also introduce new, unique wines, challenging traditional appellation norms. Additionally, he founded the Bordeaux Pirates, a group dedicated to revolutionizing the image of Bordeaux wines.

Château Cazebonne - Galets de Cazebonne 2019 Blanc de macération, Bordeaux, Graves
Château Cazebonne - Duo de Darche 2019, Bordeaux, Graves

Château Cazebonne, FRANCE

Château Cazebonne - Duo de Darche 2019, Bordeaux, Graves

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