About us

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Hi, my name is Vessela and I am the founder of GoNature Wines. Pleased to meet you! 

Why did I start GoNature Wines? 

I wanted to bring the best organic, biodynamic and natural wines to Germany and Austria. I’ve consumed these sorts of wines for years thanks to bad experiences with conventional wines - just a single glass could provoke sneezing, itching, a runny nose and a sore throat. The fact that low intervention wines didn’t come with these sorts of side effects sparked a curiosity which has stayed with me ever since. 

With GoNature Wines, I wanted to represent small winemakers that are dedicated to leaving their land in a better condition than when they found it. That means low sulphite levels, spontaneous fermentation and absolutely no synthetic chemicals. That is what Go Nature Wines is all about. 

Who I am. 

I’ve worked in the event and tourism industry for 20 years. My work has let me travel for business extensively in Europe which has given me a passion and curiosity for local cultures, traditions and regions. And that includes wine. 

In 2021, I - along with the help of Burgundy born wine professional Marc Plantevin - started to select low intervention wines for GoNature Wines. 

In May 2022, we opened our online store, selling to Germany and Austria direct from a wine-friendly warehouse near Frankfurt. And GoNature Wines was born. 

What do I love about my job? 

I love giving my winemakers a stage to tell their story. What makes them who they are? How does their personality translate into the glass? 

I believe that wine is not an elite status symbol, rather a fascinating agricultural process where you can literally taste what the “terroir” has given to the grape. 

The wines I sell are a celebration of a winemakers’ region and tradition. Telling their stories gives me a purpose. It lets me grow by learning. . 

And I love the positive energy having a job like this gives me.