Burgenland, Austria's easternmost state, is known for its hot continental Pannonian climate and produces some of the country's richest and most notable red wines, as well as complex whites and exceptional sweet wines. The region's natural conditions are unique and significant.
The Seewinkel region, that we represent, has a special microclimate that makes it one of the world's few true sweet wine strongholds. 

BioDyn Weinhof Haider - The Truth Blaufränkisch Natural 2019 Bio, Burgenland
BioDyn Weinhof Haider - Delirious 2021 Bio, Gelber Muskateller, Burgenland
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BioDyn Weinhof Haider - Pet Nat Jung & Sexy 2022 Bio, Burgenland
Eiswein 2018 Bio, Burgenland

BioDyn Weinhof Haider, Austria

Eiswein 2018 Bio, Burgenland

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