Aquila del Torre

Aquila del Torre


Young Michele works alongside his father Claudio at Aquila del Torre to make incredible wines from their estate nestled in the beautiful hills of Friuli.

When it comes to organics and biodynamics, these guys do everything right. Harvesting is manual, there is very little manipulation to the wine and fermentation is spontaneous. They are obsessive over their land and embody the saying ‘wine is made in the vineyard.

The wines are pure expressions of what Friuli is all about - purity, complexity and utter deliciousness.


  • philosophy
    • Biodynamic and organic viticulture.
    • Ploughing is done by animal to ensure the soil isn’t overly compacted.
    • Only indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation.
  • The vineyards
    • Manual harvest to ensure only the best quality grapes, which are picked into small boxes.
    • 20 hectares of vineyards.
    • Terraced vineyards up to 350 meters in altitude.
    • An incredible dedication to diversity (237 flora were identified on the estate, the average number is around 25).
Filters List
  • Price range
  • Wine Type Red White
  • Style Complex Floral Fresh and fruity Full-bodied wine
  • Country Italy
  • Region Friuli
  • Winemaker Aquila del Torre
  • Philosophy Biodynamic Low Intervention
  • Specials Autochthonous varieties
  • Soil Type Sedimentary
  • Grape Variety Friulano
  • Vintage 2018
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Alcohol 13% 14%
  • Serving Temperature 10-12°C 16-18°C
  • Bottle size 0.75 l
  • Allergens Contains Sulphites
  • Organic certificate Bio EU

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