Alicante is a large region and is probably most well known for producing cheap, everyday drinking wines that adorn many supermarket shelves. But there is so much more to the region if you dig a little bit. Organic viticulture is widespread thanks to the dry, sunny climate.

Some winemakers here are even converting to biodynamics or dabbling in natural wines. Monastrell is the main red grape variety here (known as Mourvedre in France) celebrated for its dark bramble and herbal flavours.

You’ll also find Alicante Bouschet (a rare, red-fleshed grape), Bobal, Garnacha and some international varieties. Moscatel reigns supreme when it comes to whites, with its aromatic floral flavours of jasmine and orange blossom.

Winemakers in Alicante

Wines in the Alicante

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  • Price range
  • Wine Type Orange
  • Style Complex Full-bodied wine Funky
  • Country Spain
  • Region Alicante
  • Winemaker Joan de la Casa
  • Philosophy Low Intervention Natural No sulphites added
  • Specials Autochthonous varieties Rarity
  • Soil Type Limestone
  • Grape Variety Muscat of Alexandria
  • Vintage 2017 2019
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Alcohol 12% 14.5%
  • Serving Temperature 10-12°C
  • Bottle size 0.75 l
  • Allergens Contains Sulphites
  • Organic certificate Bio EU

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