BioDyn Weinhof Haider

BioDyn Weinhof Haider


Weinhof Haider has a picturesque setting on the side of Lake Neusiedl, recognized as one of the best places for grape growing in Austria. They are certified biodynamic and are committed to biodiversity, from the flowers and herbs that grow between the vines to the animals that are allowed to roam the vineyards.

The result is that this estate produces energetic wines that really demonstrate a sense of place. Bright, fresh reds and zippy whites with as little manipulation as possible in the cellar. Exciting stuff indeed.


  • Philosophy:
    • Certified biodynamic
    • Low levels of sulphur are added at bottling only (some wines have no added sulphites)
    • Biodiversity in the vineyard is of the utmost important to reduce pests naturally
    • Spontaneous yeasts only are used
  • The vineyards:
    • Vines are on the east side of Lake Neusiedl
    • Sand, gravel and loamy black earth soils
    • Biodynamic treatments are used
    • Herbs and flowers grown between vine rows
Filters List
  • Price range
  • Wine Type Red Rosé Semi-sparkling Wine White
  • Style Floral Fresh and fruity Funky
  • Country Austria
  • Region Burgenland
  • Winemaker BioDyn Weinhof Haider
  • Philosophy Biodynamic Low Intervention Natural No sulphites added
  • Specials
  • Soil Type Gravels Limestone Loam Sandstone
  • Grape Variety Blauburger Blaufränkisch Gelber Muskateller Rösler
  • Vintage 2018 2019 2021
  • Sweetness Sweet
  • Alcohol 10% 12% 12.5%
  • Serving Temperature 10-12°C 14-16°C 8-10°C
  • Bottle size 0.375 l 0.75 l
  • Allergens Contains Sulphites
  • Organic certificate Bio EU Demeter

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