Down in the heel of Italy lies Puglia, a wild wine region famous for its sun-drenched wines.

Primitivo is the main grape variety in these parts and is usually responsible for big, heavy reds wines that are as spicy as they are rich. However, this is not the whole story. There are parts of Puglia high in altitude, untamed in nature, and home to balanced, fresh styles of Primitivo. The sorts of wines we love to drink. 

Naturally, that’s where we look for our Pugliese wines. And we’ve found them.


Winemakers in Puglia

Cristiano Guttarolo See more info

Wines in the Puglia

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  • Price range
  • Wine Type Red
  • Style Fresh and fruity
  • Country Italy
  • Region Puglia
  • Winemaker Cristiano Guttarolo
  • Philosophy Low Intervention Natural No sulphites added
  • Specials Autochthonous varieties
  • Soil Type Limestone
  • Grape Variety Primitivo
  • Vintage 2022
  • Sweetness Dry
  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Serving Temperature 16-18°C
  • Bottle size 0.75 l
  • Allergens
  • Organic certificate

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